Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday's Visit

I walked into Nina's room today, all the kids were in the large playpen, each playing on their own, except for two kids playing with a worker. A worker! There was a worker in the playpen playing with the kids and interacting with them. It was so good to see that! It was Nina's favorite worker, and she was one of the kids with her, along with Marshall, the little boy with Down syndrome.

I walked in and all the kids and workers turned to see who was walking in. Then I heard "Mama!" Yes! It was Nina, excited to see me. She crawled to the edge of the playpen with arms outstretched for me! I scooped her up and gave her some kisses. Then she gave me a big hug, yes, that is right, SHE actually hugged ME! Oh we are getting there, she is liking me more and more!
This is Nina's favorite worker. She is so wonderful with all the children. She genuinely loves them and like I said, she actually plays with the kids and helps them learn through play. I need to get her name before we leave. She also is nice and asks me questions. We laugh most of the time because we just cannot understand each other.
Nina is just letting me see more and more of her personality. She can be a little stinker! She actually likes to do things that I say no to. Like eating play-doh for example. She does not like the taste, but will start laughing and I know she is about to put it in her mouth. And yes, she smiles the entire time even as she makes a face because of the bad taste.
I visited in the same room, with all the other kids. Oksana again cried for me, so I got up to give her a hug. Oh how she melted in my arms! Sweet girl, I hope she finds a family soon. Her CP is very mild and she wants a family so bad.

I asked to take pictures of her and Marshall as they are available for adoption through Reece's rainbow (Home Blog).

At some point the kids again were getting too worked up with me there. But this worker is good with kids and she got to playing and entertaining some of them and got some of them out of the playpen so we could all be together. It was much better, but the kids were coming at me fast and wanted all of my attention. It breaks my heart, they can tell that I give myself to Nina, and of course they want with every fiber in their body to have the same. If you have considered adoption but money is holding you back, please contact me, I will help you!!!

On another note. I also got 2 hugs from Nina today. She hugged me without prompting or for any other reason other than she wanted to give me a hug :) These are sweet, sweet moments.

I will go see her again tomorrow. Will try to get more pictures of her and the other kids, as well as the room where she lives.


Marnie K said...

How precious that you got a picture of Nina with her favorite worker. That is a picture to treasure forever.

Maria E Armendariz said...

Nina will want to keep that photo as a memory of her past life. And maybe you can send letters to the worker too.
Love you!!

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Nina sure is a cute girl =). Count down is full force will be so wonderful to have her home!

Karien Prinlsoo said...

From the "outside" we can see that you are becoming Nina's mom more a nd more each day. I see use have frown in her heart!Nina is one clever little girl, she is going to surprise you all!
I think she is going to look a lot like her daddy!

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing, Ellen! I would LOVE to see pictures of Oksana and Marshall. I sure have enjoyed hearing about them. I know that they have really stolen your heart...and mine! Hugs to you, friend!

Nan and Dan said...

so cute!! it is so amazing how quick they learn their mama :)