Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gotcha Day!!!

Where do I start? How do I describe this day, all the emotions that I have, all that has taken place in just a few shirt hours?

It is 7:44 pm here. Nina is sleeping peacefully although an hour ago I thought we were in for a tough night. Either I need to learn Russian or she needs to pick up English fast! I don't know how many times Nina was trying to tell me that she wanted her pacifier, but after a good half hour I figured it out! Oh poor girl, her mama needs to remember what mamas do after my long month break (yes, I have been gone for exactly a month!)

We started the day with an adventure. I was getting picked up at MacDonald's at 8:30. When my translator called and asked where I was and I said right outside MacDonald's and she said she could not see me I realized I went to the wrong place! She came and got me and all was well, we were just a little bit late.

All was well at the birth certificate place, except for one thing, they ran out of the paper to make them. So they sent us away promising that it would be ready by 2:00 pm. It meant, we could not stop by the tax office either. So we went to get Nina and arrived at around 11:00. We were there for about 2 hours! I got to see her eat lunch and then we finally left!

The birth certificate place then had misplaced some documents. We waited. I am not sure what happened but our facilitator ran to the tax place to drop off a document he had promised. He didn't get it, he said maybe tomorrow or Thursday. He said he will do his best to have us home by Christmas. I hope so too!

We have been home and have had a great time, full of discoveries, pushing limits and more!

She is figuring out that if she tells me she has to go to the bathroom, I will stop anything and take her. Well, I am not sure she is really potty trained, but she is getting me pretty well trained!

She was stinky, so I had to give her a bath. Well, let me tell you, she loved it! Yes, she really did! I thought it would be screaming and kicking but oh my she loved it! So she started telling me she had to go potty, we get to the bathroom, and she help take her pants off, and diaper, and then points at the bath! Yes, she loved it!

Throwing things, dropping things...she is figuring out what her limits are. Which of course is expected! It is now 9:00 and she is not sleeping yet. Obviously this post has taken me some time. When she first woke up she pointed to the computer and said daddy. She obviously is getting that she can be sweet and cute and maybe get her way.

But she is with me, she is mine! No more nights at the orphanage, no more nights without a mama! We are getting to know each other and it feels so good to have her with me!


Elizabeth said...

How good is our God! May he keep on answering prayers and working miracles!! I am so happy she is with her Mommy now!

The White Family said...

Wooooo Hoooooo! Thank you, Lord! We will pray that the language barrier can be overcome quickly. Praying for an amazing transition for the two of you. Hugs to you!

Jeanine said...

That is wonderful news. Enjoy. We will continue to pray for the completion of all the paperwork. See you soon.

Maria E Armendariz said...

Congratulations NEW MOMMY!!! Great,she passed the first test...the bath!!
We keep praying fro your arrival in Christmas!!

Lyndi said...

COngratulations! I am so happy she is out forever! Enjoy your time getting to know each other...prayers that you are home to the rest of your family soon!

gillian said...

YEA!!! Praise God!!

Kristen said...

Congratulations! She is such a doll and you are both (all) so lucky to have found each other! Hope everything goes smoothly until you get home!

Kristen (kzmom from downsyn)

Nan and Dan said...

yah! congrats! praying you hear tomorrow that the tax id is ready!!!

Kelly said...

YAAAAAAYYYY!!!! She's yours forever!!! Congratulations!! Nina and our son adopted from Russia share the same Gotcha Day, ours was 4 years ago, today. We celebrated last Sunday with a huge Russian feast prepared by my husband. Hopefully the rest of everything will go smoothly and you will be home with the rest of your family for Christmas!

Karien Prinlsoo said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!Praise God for bringing Nina to you and for everything that worked out well. I'll keep on praying for the tax code