Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a Picture

Nothing happening today really. I have stayed in the apartment all day, so there really isn't much going on. I did manage to take 2 pictures of Nina yesterday when I visited in the small room. She was being goofy and after the flash she would clap her hands as a response and laugh so hard.

I did want to mention that she was very interested in the family photos. One particular photo of Ellie she has pointed at several times and said "Nina." I think she sees the resemblance. When she got to the picture of Andy and I, she wanted it. She has looked at these pictures many times before and never been too interested, but this time, she wanted that picture. I took it out and gave it to her, she smiled and pointed at Andy's picture. It was sweet.

A worker asked who those people were. "Mama" she said and pointed at me. "Dada" she said and pointed at Andy. The worker said no, that is her "papa." (Here dad is papa) But no, when we first met Nina we called him dada and daddy, so that is what she calls him, which I do think it is sweet. She did not want to give me the picture back, but I know if I give it to her I will never get it back, at least not in one piece, and I have no guarantees that they will allow her to have it with her. Just one more week! Just one more week and she is mine! Then she can carry that picture with her everywhere if she wants!

Here is Nina's picture from yesterday.


Lyndi said...

I LOVE her smile!! It won't be long now and you can get her out of there, FOREVER!!!

Leah said...

Her smile just radiates joy!

Amy said...

Love to hear the updates! And that smile....!

Gayle said...

Gracie and I check your blog each day--today, when checking, Gracie says, "Nina" perfectly!! She's excited for her new friend to come home and play!

Kelly said...

She is so cute, it seems like she is getting cuter by the day. Having a family is bringing out the JOY in her.

Nan and Dan said...

what an awesome smile!! you can just hear her laughing!! before you know it you will have her with you and running on home!