Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Dec 4th

Today we went to the American embassy to make sure that Andy signed all the documents that we will need before Nina and I go back home. Then tomorrow early in the morning, Andy will go back to the US and get our girls while I wait here for three more weeks (hopefully that will be all!)

Just to clarify, we do not have Nina with us. Even though she is officially a Stumbo, she has to stay in the orphanage during the 10 day waiting period. After the 10 days I could go get her, or wait until all the paperwork is done before getting her out. I will probably wait, since there is a lot of waiting around and running around that would be difficult to do with Nina. As soon as we are ready to get the passport though, I will get her out of the orphanage forever!

As for the 10 day waiting period, it was obviously not waived. I think our facilitator told us that this judge has only done it 2 times. The first time she either ended up going to jail or they threatened her with jail (yes, that would keep me too from waiving the 10 days). The second time it was for a very sick child. There were special letter written from medical doctors in Ukraine, as well as petitions from medical officials here that requested for the child to be taken to the United States for urgent medical intervention and surgery. There were also letters written by US medical doctors and maybe the embassy (?) requesting for the child to come immediately. Judge did not get in trouble for that one.

Other than that, in Kyiv they will not waive the 10 days. If it is waived, they are supposed to contest the judge's decision, which makes it a 30 day waiting period. No thanks! I will wait my 10 days instead!

Yesterday was a very exciting day. Not only did Nina become a Stumbo, but our friends Frank and Renee (well, I suppose just Frank) got to take Kellsey out of the orphanage. I was fighting tears because it really was exciting and hard. The workers really care about these children, and one by one they came to say goodbye to Kellsey. They would get really close to her, forehead to forehead, and whisper to her, probably saying that they would miss her. Some had tears in their eyes, I could tell it was hard for them to see her go. At the same time, Kellsey is leaving all she has ever known. Yes, what she has now and what she will have is surpassingly greater. But for now, it will be hard. I am aware it will be hard for Nina too.

Frank will try to get on the same plane as Andy so they can fly together, hopefully it will work out.

Prayer requests
-Safe trip home for Andy!!!
-Safety and comfort for me as I stay behind
-That once the 10 days are over things move quickly and we can be home for Christmas. Right now, we are praying for December 23rd! That is 10 days to get everything we need after the 10 day wait is over!


Randy Heitz said...

I'll bet Ellie and Nicole are way past excited, knowing that their dadday is coming to get them tomorrow! Ellen, we'll be praying that this time can be a special time for you as you wait. We're so excited to meet Nina Stumbo!
Randy and Marilyn

Meredith said...

woo hoo!