Thursday, December 17, 2009

More on Nina

Our friends from Kyiv have been missionaries here for a year, but they were missionaries in Russia before and their Russian is great (even if they say it is not) so the last couple of days they have come to see Nina and I and I think Nina loves having someone she can talk to and understand each other :)

She is picking up some words, and she tries to repeat many of the things that I say, which is great, now she just needs to know what they mean.

There are a few things that she says she cannot do, like getting down from the couch, or picking up a mess she has made. I don't know if she used this at the orphanage for attention, or if she was told that. But she will soon learn that she can do it! And she better do it or she will have to go to the naughty corner. Now things that are really physically impossible of course we will not make her do.

Eating and sleeping are still our struggles. No nap today, but, she did have some rest time/quiet time. That is good for me, now I only have to fight a bed time.

So far, tea and bananas are the food of her choice, and some instant soups that Kim brought for us. Today I got her to have a little of my peanut butter and jelly. This time she did take a couple bites. Who can resist a PBJ sandwich?

She loves music and she sings quite a bit, it is sweet. I have tried to get it on video and she stops as soon as she sees the camera.

On a different note. Having her with me makes me miss my girls and my family so much more. I am homesick and discouraged as I have heard nothing about the tax code. Please pray, I guess it could still be here, but if we don't get it before Christmas, who knows when I will be home because the US Embassy closes for Holidays. So pray pray pray.

We just want to be home.


Jo's Corner said...

Dear Ellen & Nina ~ Thank You, for allowing me to Follow your Journey! Oh, I feel so sad when I read about how homesick you are. It WILL be soon! I'll certainly be Praying...for a speedy, safe return home...for any and all food to appeal to Miss Nina! For Peace in her little heart..that she will be able to "let go" and sleep peacefully. Know that someone in MN. is thinking of you and lifting you in Prayer...a lot! Peace & Love! Jo

Maria E Armendariz said...

La iglesia pide por ti y tu regreso, mami y todas nosotras. Ojala que manana este listo el documento y si no es asi...El no se equivoca y te tiene donde debes de estar.Quiza es para que tu relacion con Nina se fortalezca porque sabe que va a ser dificil cuando vuelvas con las otras dos, o quiza porque quiere ensenarles a los de IOwa a valorarte como mama y esposa. Diso siempre tiene un proposito al hacer que las cosas se retarden o se abran, pero tambien recuerda que el prueba nuestra fe hasta el ultimo momento.

Orando porque estes de regreso la semana proxima.
te quiero mucho y espero ver pronto a Nina.
Un beso