Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More on Language

Today you get two posts. In a way this is my journal, so there is not such thing as too many posts.

This afternoon Nina and I got to go have dinner with some other friends that are adopting through Reece's Rainbow. They also have their little girl with them and she is so cute!

The weather here in Ukraine is kind of crazy right now. It was warm today, enough to start melting all the snow, but there was a lot of snow, so the roads, and sidewalks (remember these are used as roads too) are a slushy mess! As we were walking, we quickly realized that there was no other option but to walk through water. Enough to cover our shoes and soak our pants. So we walked with our girls and made it to the restaurant, only to find out that it was closed for some reason. So we ventured next door to an Italian place. Nina ate some, but she was more interested in playing with a water bottle, and with the salt and pepper. Go figure.

As we left the restaurant, we realized it was raining! So we tried to be quick and avoid the Babushkas :) So there was no yelling this time. I do have to say, that I have friends that have lived here in Kyiv for years and they still get yelled at by the Babushkas, so I am not taking it personal anymore :)

We came home and Nina was ready to take a bath. I took a video right before her bath, and I realized that it had much to do with language. Even though Nina does not say lots of words in English, she is repeating, and she does use some English words with me. Now, you will notice she says something that sounds like "go potty." That is what she really is saying, however, I am positive she has no idea what it means, or she just thinks it means something different. Maybe bathroom door? Or bathroom? Not sure, but she sure is cute! So here she is, English, cuteness, and all!


Nan and Dan said...

absolutely adorable!!!
by any chance was it little ana for lunch????

Jeanine said...

too cute!

Jodi said...

What a doll! She is the sweetest little thing :) What a darling voice she has. I sure hope you are home soon!

Jodi Lewandoski