Monday, December 21, 2009

Tas Code is Here

Finally! We are getting picked up in 20 minutes to go apply for the passport!!!

Keep is in your prayers now!


Marina St.Kitts said...

To borrow a phrase: "Yippee Jesus!" We'll keep praying for the passport!

Shea said...

Praise GOD!!!!!! I have been hoping and praying you would get it!

Marcia said...

Oh yay!

Maria E Armendariz said...

Told you, God waits for the last minute. Hopefully everything will be ready and you may ocme on time. Weather for traveling these days is not the best into the Midwest, we will have snow from Wednesday until Friday or Saturday. Sunday looks like a better day to arrive Ella.
Keep praying!!
Love you

Jeanine said...

Praise God from whom all blessing flow. Now we will just pray that you get the passport and the weather holds for you to be home for Christmas.

Nan and Dan said...

PTL!!!! one more BIG hurdle DONE!!!