Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In Frankfurt

We are still in Frankfurt. Sorry I did not update last night. I was physically and emotionally spent, and I gladly followed the sweet voice of a bed calling to me.

In the midst of all this craziness, we at least got to sleep last night.

Our flight leaves at 2:00 pm this afternoon so 7:00 am Central Time. Pray for us, we are finally going home! We will arrive at the MN airport at 8:30 pm Central Time where we will finally get to see our family!

We will spend a couple of days at a hotel so that we can just all be together. Then we will get on a car and drive home...sweet home.

It has been such an emotional journey. Countless tears.

So continue to pray for us as we continue our trip home.

(Here in Frankfurt it is 9:00 am in the morning on December 31st. I know the time difference has been confusing, so we have been at an airport for 3 days straight now, so please pray we can finally come home!)


Marina St.Kitts said...

Ellen - what a great idea to celebrate your reunion with your family...a few days at a hotel! What a wonderful way to begin 2010! Still praying for you!

Cristina said...

I hope and pray that by the time you read this message you are already in the US or on the airplane coming home. Hopefully there will be no more delays on your journey and you will be enjoying your time with your family in a few more hours! You are in my prayers!

Nan and Dan said...

hopefully at this time you are over the US!!
Can not wait till you post saying you are with your family!