Sunday, December 6, 2009

Night Time

So now that it is time for me to go to bed, and I have been in the apartment for the evening, thinking back in what happened today I realize it was not that big of a deal. Everything worked out, I really would not have been in trouble. I know had I called the other family that is here they would have ran over to be with me. Truly, I am not alone.

I thought I would delete my last post, but in a way, this is part of the journey, and in a way, this is my journal. I might be crazy to be blogging all that is on my mind, but in a way you get to journey with me, even as I freak out!

What a journey, from the start. To completely trust in God, to ride the roller coaster of emotions that comes with adoption, but all along, it is a journey of trust. God has been in this since the beginning, He is not ever turning His back. And it has been a journey full of God's blessings, surprises, and blessings. What a wonderful journey it has been.

Tomorrow I get to go see Nina, I am excited.


jrstumbo said...

Ellen, You made me cry too! I am so glad you are OK. This is not easy for sure. Know we are praying for you always. Love ronda

Zack, Jenn and William said...

Glad you're feeling better. I agree it's best to keep that post on the blog. I always appreciated when families would be honest and real when we were preparing to travel. No sense in creating some illusion of everything going perfect, it just makes it that mch harder for those who travel after yo when things don't go perfectly.
Continued prayers!