Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday's Visit

Today's visit was a challenge. There is a little boy that is new to Nina's groupa and he is able to do a lot more than the other kids. He can climb in and out of the playpen and is all over the place. He is also a little aggressive and pushy. Basically, he just wants someone to love him and give him attention, and this is the only way that he knows how...demand it!

Nina and my favorite worker was there again this morning, but I have noticed that she leaves almost as soon as I get there. Not sure why, maybe she is supposed to go and be with the other kids as she is the only worker that I have seen playing with kids and interacting with them (no wonder she is a favorite!) They did ask me when I was taking Nina, so they should not be surprised that on Tuesday I am taking her and now they have plenty of time to say goodbye.

Unfortunately today, most of my visit with Nina was spent trying to get this little boy away from her. I understand, why is this woman only playing with Nina? Why is Nina getting all the attention? Why does she get all the special toys? So he had to have everything Nina had, it was hard. He was climbing over her, trying to push her, take whatever it was Nina had in her hand, or hit her. Where were the worker you wonder? Yeah did I, because there were two of them right in the room. They were preoccupied with their conversation I suppose.

I had to get up and try to hold this little boy, and eventually he started trying to hit me and almost bit my hand. I discovered today I have pretty good reflexes when it comes to feeling little teeth on me. Yes, eventually the workers came, and it became crying time for the little boy. Which became crying time for all the kids. Yeah, lovely!

They did let Oksana get out of the playpen and come be with us. Most of the time I had my arm wrapped around her and she just melted right into my arms and laid her head on my chest. Probably for about 30 minutes. This little girl wants a mama so badly, and I do really hope that she finds a family soon! (Her name is Olivia on Reece's Rainbow, sorry if I have confused anyone!) I played with her as much as I could and got 2 short videos without the workers noticing. She is so hungry to learn! This little girl has tremendous potential! I am not sure that she really is delayed or if that is just a result of living in an orphanage.

Nina was fine for as long as Oksana just enjoyed being held, but once Oksana wanted to interact, Nina would call, "MAMA!" And we were back to playing.

Well eventually little boy came back, workers were talking conversing again. I just packed all my stuff and held Nina while I sang to her. She loved it! And the few actions that I would do she would imitate. Oh I cannot wait to have her with me so she can really have my undivided attention and I know in just a few days she will learn so much!

Eventually I had to leave. Sometimes it is just easier on the other children. It is sad. I think being in the room with the children and seeing what their lives are like has really impacted me. My heart breaks every time, all these children need families and yet, only the w little ones I have posted about are available for adoption. But at least they can be saved!

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