Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting to know each other

Nina and I have been getting to know each other. It has been fun and I am a full time mommy again, it means I take naps when needed, which sometimes could mean every day :)

Last night, after 2 1/2 hours Nina finally went to sleep. It had taken me many minutes to realize that she was asking for a pacifier (many minutes, but not many hours!) And she likes her pacifier, she actually keeps it in her moth all night long which of course is a lovely noise I am not used to hearing at nights. She also does an exercise routine in her sleep (I am sure of it!) So I did not get much sleep. However, this morning she woke up, looked around and then saw me...she smiled. Maybe going home with her mama had not just been a dream.

Well I am not getting the food department right. She is not eating very much but she is at least drinking. She asks me to give her who knows what to eat. My hope is she gets hungry enough that she eats what I am making her. I think at the orphanage they ate one thing only, and I do not make that one thing.

She also is testing it all! And discovering what mamas do. She hurt her finger, and I had responded by kissing it before. Oh my, little dramas going on here (they last all but 1 second) but she has figured that I come to her and kiss her "owies."

We are also finding humor in the little things, as we both understand regardless of language. Things like bodily functions, which my 4 year old finds amusing too. And just to let you know, "acky" is not a good term to say something might taste bad, because it is too close to the slang in Russian for "poopy" which will make a 3 year old laugh so hard she will pee her pants! (Well, at least we are using diapers still!) I bet you all wanted to know all of this :)

Nap time again was hard. I wonder why she does not like to sleep. Maybe it is still too different? But still, I think she likes being here. She feels loved!


Lyndi said...

I just LOVE your blog posts. I love how you "keep it real" heehee. Have fun getting to know her taste buds!!

Marina St.Kitts said...

Thank you for sharing as you get to know Nina. She IS loved!