Monday, December 21, 2009

No Passport

We rode a high, we had our coats on, we were so excited that things were moving, that we were getting somewhere. Maybe, just maybe we would be home on Christmas day.

Then the phone rang, I thought it was to tell us our taxi was here, but no, it was to pull us down from the high, pull us down, fast, and hard, so that we could hit the floor. No passport. We won't apply until tomorrow. Unless God does something and we could get the passport in one day, there is no way we can be home on Friday. The eraliest we can be home is next Tuesday.

The fall hurt, it hurt a lot.

And yes, I know, we have the tax code, that is great, still, the fall hurt.


Maria E Armendariz said...

Ya se que te dio desilusion, pero ve el lado positivo, Dios sabe porque hace las cosas. Los vuelos van a estar mejor para salir de Kiev el Monday al Wednesday, y luego para venir aqui es mejor que llegues de Martes a Miercoles. Asi que quiza no quiere que estes atorada en una ciudad con la nina esperando a un vuelo cancelado y a obtener otro vuelo a media noche o en dos dias como paso este fin de semana a mucha gente. Se cancelaron 1000 vuelos. Asi que ve que Dios esta cuidando por ti y la nina y si vienes hasta el martes no importa, vendras en mejor clima y con mejores condiciones de vuelos. Al fin celebramos la Navidad al otro dia que vuelvas y con los Andy's el ano nuevo, y todo va a quedar atras como mal recuerdo. ANimate amor!! Un beso con mucho carino. mama

Kristen said...

I am so sorry, Ellen. That fall had to sting...a LOT. Still praying for your Christmas miracle!!!

Nan and Dan said...

sorry just does not cut it :(
to be so close just stinks!!
Praying for your miracle tomorrow!!
Can you do your medical appt or do you need your passport?
so sorry...

Karien Prinlsoo said...

So very very sorry. I can just "feel" how much you want to get back home. Hugs... wish I could something to be helpful

Jodi said...

Thinking about you Ellen. I pray you and Nina get home as soon as possible! I'm sorry you feel so lousy, I know you miss your family :(

Keep the faith though, you will be home before you know it.


Jo's Corner said...

Oh, Ellen...I am so sorry! I know that those kind of falls can hurt the worst! I hope you are okay. Say, can you take some photos of the place you are staying? I would love to see just how different it is from here in the U.S.! How is Nina-Girl doing? Are you communicating a little more? And, did you find some bananas? Please hang in there. This time next week you should be at home. I'll be Praying for You...Jo

Terry said...

Praying for a miracle, for you and Nina to be home soon. Remember God has you in the palm of his hands so, everything will work out. I'll keep praying for you. Hugs