Saturday, December 5, 2009


Andy left this morning. It feels so different. I am anxiously awaiting news that he has made it back home. Tomorrow he will finally get to see our girls. We really missed them.

I got to meet another family that is adopting through Reece's Rainbow. It was good to get out and see friends. Yes, we had never met each other before, but we are now friends. It is how it happens when you find yourself half way across the world following the same calling, waiting to get your child and bring them home.

Tomorrow they will move me to a different apartment. I am a little nervous about that. It is close to this one, but still, it would be nice to stay in the same place. One thing they assured me is that it will have better internet connection. However, it is in a much busier street and on the ground level. Pray for God's protection as I am here on my own.

And also pray for Andy and our girls as they try to recover a sense of normalcy to life and wait for Nina and I to come home.


Karien Prinlsoo said...

Praying for God's protection and also His guidance while you're there alone. May give God give you favor with people and give you an "even road" .

Pure Mommy Extract said...

How are you holding up so far on your own? I hope things are going better than expected and we are praying for you.

Did Frank and Andy get to fly home together?