Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 days, 3 more to go!

That is right, there are only 3 more days left of our waiting period. Time has gone by pretty quickly and it has been wonderful to see Nina. Oh how she is working herself into my heart. I look forward to seeing her everyday and I am sad to say goodbye, wishing that I could take her with me and never have to come back.

Today I brought diapers for the orphanage. Here, diapers are called "pampers." But I have not seen that brand anywhere! As soon as they saw me walking in with the 2 bags, I was the most popular person in the orphanage! All the workers came to see and the word spread quickly. I knew they were short on diapers but did not realize how much they needed them. But, they are remodeling, so I am afraid that the children are not getting as much right now with the money going to the building.

Nina smiles so big at me and her little arms just reach out for me to pick her up. How I love that, and how I love showering her with kisses!

We had fun today. The less things I bring the better, because she can focus on those few things. Today her favorite were the Signing Time flashcards, and I got her to say "shoes."

We also looked at some pictures, and you will see that video where she is being silly but looking at pictures. The sweetest thing though was that she took a picture of Andy and I, and with her little fingers she started to touch Andy's face on the picture and she was saying "tickle, tickle." Oh, that was so very sweet!

And today when her favorite worker left she shook her head "no" and seemed to be getting very sad, but then the worker said to her that I was staying, and she was the one leaving. So Nina looked at me and smiled and waved "paka" to the worker, kept playing with me. This is HUGE! This lady has been the closest to a mother figure and she was choosing me!

At the end of our time, I said to her goodbye, she said "no." And clung to me, clung to my neck. Fortunately the workers were coming with their bowls and food, getting the room ready for lunch. Nina was hungry and she did let me go just fine. I guess I still cannot compete with food!

Enjoy the pictures and the videos. She is a sweet sweet little girl. I cannot wait to bring her home to her family. Oh, and she also says "Nico" for Nichole. She points at her in the pictures and says, "Nico." Ellie sometimes she calls Nina, sometime Lala. It is sweet :) But lala means girl in Russian, so not sure she gets what we are saying.

Tomorrow another visit with my girl!


Jeanine said...

too precious

gillian said...

precious Ellen!

Nan and Dan said...

love the giggling and laughing! so close!