Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Productive Day

Nina and I are exhausted this afternoon. We had a long and productive morning and we are ready to take it easy until we go to our friend's house for dinner. This kind of day makes me feel good as things move forward.

This morning we started the day a little later than I wanted. Nina is used to waking up at 8:30 and we needed to be out the door by 8:15. I could not wake her up! Finally, I asked her if she wanted a banana and she got out of bed!

So we got to the passport place and we waited for a little bit until we were able to take Nina's picture. I signed some papers and that was that. Then we waited some more so the right lady could get there. I think this is the lady that makes things happen quickly. While we waited, my facilitator was telling me that Nina's tax code had come in with a mistake in the name...what!!! He was telling me that hopefully nobody would notice. So, when the translator got there I asked her about it, she checked and said no, there is no mistake. Either our facilitator got his English confused and meant to say sometimes that happens, or he really has no idea what we decided to name Nina (which is my guess, he must think they kept her last name by mistake, but we are making that her middle name). So that was a relief!

Then we headed back to where the orphanage is at. The bank is there and Nina had some money in a bank account (all orphans have an account) we got the money, but we gave it to the orphanage as a gift. The orphanage is about an hour away from Kyiv, so that was a long drive for Nina. But she did wonderful through all the waiting and such.

At the bank I let her crawl around. An older gentleman that works there was telling Nina that she was beautiful...and to get up. Eventually he came to her and picked her up to make her stand...yeah, she can't do that, she cannot stand on her own without holding on to something for support. At this point with her legs, it is impossible for her to do that. So I came to hold on to Nina's hands. I think at this point the man figured out that she had a disability and that was that for him giving Nina any attention. Sad that this culture sees those with disabilities as less.

So we came back and we were starving. So we stopped at TGI Friday's. The booth behind us was an American man with a Ukranian woman. The man dropped the R word left and right and I thought I would say something, but then he was also using the N word and many other words. I was also glad Nina did not understand what they were talking about as it was adult material.

And then it was time to come home, and Nina and I were going to have to walk. So I got my handy wrap sling and I am so glad that I brought it! Nina and I had to stop by and pay for our apartment, then we stopped by the toy store, and then we came home.

I got a workout carrying Nina and my backpack, but I know I will be able to do it at the airports when I have to.

We are now home, and Nina is playing with the new toy (lacing animals, great for Nichole too!)

So where are we at in the process?

The passport is supposed to get here Thursday or Friday. Either way we will not make it to the US Embassy until Monday as it closes for Christmas. Which also means that hopefully we can come home next Tuesday. Unless the Passport came in Thursday morning, we will not be home on Friday.

How do I feel about it? Good. Yes, sad that I will not be home by Christmas but at least I know what is going to happen! There are no more empty promises and days where they tell us we are getting something just to be heart broken and get nothing. There is no emotional roller coaster anymore, it is what it is, and we are coming home on Tuesday. There is something very peaceful about just being done with the uncertainty and just enjoying our days here, because yes, last week was not enjoyable at all.

So in one week Nina and I will get on a plane and come home! Finally! It will be 46 days for me by the time we get home. I cannot wait to see my girls and my husband. I sure miss them.

So this was today, and in a while, we will get picked up to go have dinner with friends. A good day indeed :)


Ang said...

You know, as I was reading your post today I was thinking about the weather forecast in Iowa for this week that is turning out to be not-so-lovely. And I got to thinking...what if God knew the weather here was going to be too terrible for you to get here for Christmas and he arranged all that other stuff to happen so you would be able to make it all the way home next week instead of being stuck in an airport somewhere with Nina? Just a thought.

Ang said...

Also, I was wondering about the last name that Nina was given before you added yours. Do they know her family or any history about her? Or did they just give her a last name so she would have one?

Jodi said...

WOW, I didn't realize it's been that long for you! I would be SUCH a big baby being away from my kids that long...I sure hope it's shorter for us. We are adopting out of a region that generally gets it done quicker- so lets hope! I'm so glad you're feeling better and can relax and enjoy your days with Nina. Pretty soon, this long trip will just be a memory :)

Jodi Lewandoski

Nan and Dan said...

would so love to hear you get your christmas miracle :) praying so hard.
I can't imagine being away from everything familiar for that long. but the best part is that you will see them soon!!
can't wait to see a picture of all of you together! nina has NO idea how much loving she is in for :)