Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still In Kyiv

We left our apartment at 2:00 am knwoing with all the snow it would take longer to get to the airport. We arrived at 3:00 am and had some time to wait until they opened at 3:30.

The first thing we heard was that our flight was cancelled due to the weather.
"We can get you in tomorrow at the same time" said the lady at the booth.
Well I was not happy to hear that, and I could not keep the tears from coming, "Please try to get me a flight home, any route is okay with me."
So they did, unfortunately, the airport was still closed. At 9:30, I realized that there was no way we would be leaving at 10:00 since the airport had not opened yet. I talked to the ladies at the booth and they said they would have me as VIP waiting on a plane ride from Kyiv to New York. Sounded great, but that meant the airport had to open (they were not sure when) and the estimated time could have been 5:00 pm. I needed to make a choice then.
I was exhausted, tired, and emotional. They were not even sure we would leave at 5:00, so I told them that yes, we would wait until tomorrow.
And so we wait another day.
I am watching the weather closely, we just want to be home!

The only prayer I have is for safety, safety as we travel as the weather is not so good here.

We did have an angels help us today. A Ukranian lady. I don't know what I would have done without her. She will be with us in our flight.

I am exhausted, I will write more later.


Terry said...

Praying for you and Nina. Praying for the weather to get better there. So, you can fly home safe and sound

Nan and Dan said...

so so sorry :(
I can't even imagine how tired, frustrated and worn out you are.
Praying things clear out and you can leave first thing in the morning...