Monday, December 14, 2009

Tax Code: Keep the Prayers Coming!

I just got word that our facilitator was able to apply for the tax code! He said tomorrow we will stop by and show them the new birth certificate. At that point they can give us the tax code or make us wait!
Pray that we do get the tax code! Pray with us, then we can really get things moving! With God all things are possible, and He can make this happen!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Tomorrow is "gotcha day!"

In the morning I will go and get Nina's new birth certificate. Andy and I will be listed as her parents, her birth certificate will actually read "Nina Stumbo!"

After that, we are stopping by the tax office to check on the tax code. If we get it back, we can even apply for the passport later in the day.

From there we go to the orphanage and we get Nina!

Our translator told me she went to the orphanage today to get some pictures. She told me she got to see Nina.

"She looks differnt." She said

"What do you mean different?" I asked

"She looks different than last time I saw her, different form all the other kids"

"And why is that?"

"I can tell the difference, because she looked loved"

Yes, Nina is loved, she is loved! And that has made all the difference!


Shea said...

I am praying so hard for you to get to come home!!!!

Zack, Jenn and William said...

What sweet words - and it's obvious that she IS loved! Praising God that you will get her tomorrow, and praying for a smooth transition as her teeny tiny world is flipped upside down.
And praying, too, for quick and positive progress on all the necessary documents!

Nan and Dan said...

praying you have not posted because today was so busy, picking up new bc, picking up your tax code, applying for passport and oh ya, picking up your daughter!!!!!

KGBSoviet98 said...

Do they treat retarded children like Nina badly in orphanages? Were they mistreating her? I heard they tied her to her crib...they could've sent her to the corner for 5 minutes until she said sorry.

Ellen Stumbo said...

KGBSoviet98, I do not know the details of what happened in Nina's orphanage. I also do not know how they handled discipline. Although Nina did say at some point they were going to tie her down, she does not remember any of that anymore. I would like to make something very clear, this blog is an account of what happened 2 years ago, and my emotions were raw, the orphanage was overwhelming and it left a lasting impression on me. However, after 2 years, what I remember most and so does Nina was her favorite worker, a woman that LOVED her, took care of her, held her, kissed her. And while some workers might have been mean, there were also workers that loved the children and treated them so well. The doctor at Nina's baby house cared for the children too, she did the best she could do with the resources she was given. These children live in poverty, and the workers do too, so I cannot judge them anymore, not really knowing what took place. I saw what Is aw, but I did not have the language to communicate and ask questions, so this is all my perception, which might not have been accurate due to the high emotional involvement.
I do know that at least one of the workers did put Nina in a time, sitting on a chair, which is appropriate discipline. Bottom line is this: while I do believe Nina was mistreated at some point, I also know that she was loved and cared for as best as the workers could.