Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Tax Code

They said maybe tomorrow, maybe.

They said if we get it tomorrow then we can apply for the passport. They said 3-4 days to get that done. Then the embassy closes for Holidays and I cannot get the visa.
They said I will not be home for Christmas.

I cannot tell you how sad I am and how much I just want to curl in a corner and cry cry cry.

Please pray for a miracle. I want to go home.


Cindy said...

I am sure praying Ellen.

Jodi said...

Keep your chin up! I would trade places with you in a minute if it meant I was with my little guy waiting for us! :) This is only ONE Christmas. It may be 'different' from what you had planned, but try to enjoy it...the one and only Christmas you and Nina will share alone together, just Mama and daughter. Next Christmas will be much MUCH different for all of you.

jodi lewandoski

Nan and Dan said...

praying you get the code tomorrow am first thing so you can apply for passport asap. Hoping for a christmas mircale to get through both quickly!
when does the embassy close?

Kelly said...

Prayers for you! I so agree with what Jodi said above. Might not be the Christmas of your dreams but Nina has you and you have her. So Merry Christmas Mama! Thanks for letting us share this journey! XOXOXO