Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Answering Some Questions

I thought I would answer some questions that have been asked about our adoption.

1. If your plane ticket is set to return at the beginning of January, why have you been so upset about not going home before Christmas, didn't you know it could take this long?

Yes, we did know it could take this long. The problems is that we have been told, while being here, time and time again that things will move quicker and that "for sure tomorrow" such and such will be ready. Now I don't know about you, but statements like that make me hope that things will move quicker, that maybe I don't have to be here so long. About almost 3 weeks we were told "You will be going home by December 23rd." So did I hope I would, of course! Wouldn't you? Especially when you are promised that tomorrow the tax code will come? Yet, it takes 6 days of tomorrows for it to arrive. It is heartbreaking. Have you ever hoped for something to happen, prayed so hard and then feel empty handed? Yes, that is how we felt. If nobody had promised anything, we would have been able to go with the flow. We are human, we hope for the best, and of course with that hope I wanted to be home for Christmas.

2. Was Nina's last name from her birth parents, or was it given to her at the orphanage?

We don't know. Either it was a name that the birth mother wrote and they think it is a fake name since they were never able to contact anyone with that name (therefore, Nina did not have papers from her birth mother saying she was giving up her rights, however, because she was abandoned, and could not find the mother, the government made the decision that she would be eligible for adoption).
Or, the maternity house wrote the fake names down because Nina needed a name, that plain ans simple.
Not so simple when having to share this with her when she is older.
Oh, and her former last name, now middle name is Shuraeva (isn't it beautiful?)

3. I did not realize you have been gone for so long! I would be a baby if I had to be gone from my kids for so long.

This is by far the hardest thing that our family has ever had to do...emotionally. Being away from my girls is very very hard. They are only 4 and 2 years old, they need their mommy. And if you have been reading my previous post, well, I would say we have hit pretty low lows, so it has not been easy at all. Worth it? Yes! Hard? Extremely!

4. How long is the trip supposed to last?

We were told anywhere from 30-45 days. Lord willing we are leaving next Tuesday and that will put me at 46 days.

5. Maybe God has a reason for you to be there so long.

Maybe He does, and maybe this is just the way things are. Those that have been her before me will attest that this is a very hard things to do. We all pray and pray that we can come home soon, but it is what it is. Can God use it? Absolutely! But right now, it just stinks!

6. Is Nina potty trained?

No!!! I add the exclamation marks because we were told she is...and she is not! She asks me to change her diaper ONLY is she poops (which I am glad to say it is every day now, so she is definitely comfortable with her mama)

7. Is Nina picking up English?

Well, it does not feel like she is. However, she is repeating a lot of the things I say, and really, she has only been with me for a week! She loves to be around Kim and Jerry who can speak to her, and she calls them aunt and uncle, it is very sweet. She does however, understand certain words pretty well.

8. Can Nina walk some?

Only with assistance and she throws her upper body forward to carry her along, since her legs are not very strong. I am excited for her to use the walker we have at home as it will not allow her to do that (it is called a reverse walker) and she will have to move her legs...that and physical therapy.

9. Will Nina ever walk normal?

Even if Nina walks on her own, her walk will never be normal, and that is what makes her special, that is what brought her into our family. If she was normal, even at the orphanage, she would not have come to our family, because God has placed in our hearts to adopt children with special needs.

10. Are Ellie and Nichole excited to meet Nina?

Yes!!! Ellie is. Today she read her a story when we were on skype. Ellie has great big plans. I really don't think Nichole gets it, but she will once Nina is home!

11. If you have any other questions, just ask and I will answer those in other posts :)

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