Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prayer Request!!!

Tomorrow morning, which will be tonight for most of you, our facilitator will try to apply for our tax code.
This tax code is what keeps families here the longest. It can take a day, or weeks!
I thought we would apply for this on Tuesday, but they will try this tomorrow!
Pray, please pray!

-Pray that they are able to apply tomorrow
-Pray that the tax code is ready by Tuesday! Yes I am asking for something that is not likely, but it is not impossible! How great to pick up Nina and be able to go get her passport right away! Then we would for sure be home by Christmas!

So tonight will you pray for us? And tomorrow morning will you continue in your prayers?


Thom said...

Hang in there Ellen. Tami and I are Praying for Ya'll... We go to court Tuesday...Thom

Nan and Dan said...

Praying that all goes well tomorrow and the paperwork just flies through! Hoping you fly home next weekend :) :)
you are so close!!!
Can not wait to see pics of you and Nina in your apartment just chillin'