Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We are headed home again

Please pray as we hope to be able to come home today. We are getting picked up in 2 hours and our flight leaves in 5 hours.

AS you think about us tonight and tomorrow morning, will you keep us in your prayers?


Jo's Corner said...

My heart has just been in a sad place today. Not sure why. Then I just read your Blog. Oh, Ellen...I am so sorry that your flight was cancelled. How disappointing for your entire family. I find myself asking "Why?" sometimes. It doesn't seem fair. But, WHO am I to question the disappointments in life? I just said yesterday, that "God IS In Control!". HE has a Purpose for "all" of the things that we walk through. HE never promised they would all be pleasant. HE just asks us to Follow Him. And, You & Andy DID! HE gave you the desire and means to adopt Nina and you have been Obedient, even through the times that you wanted to drag your heels in! And, maybe there have been times that you just didn't WANT to go through some of the process. But, You HAVE! I am astonished at how you have remained Faithful throughout all of the difficulties!
While I don't understand, I KNOW that He will bring you through it...ALL THE WAY Home! How I wish that I could be there to just wrap my arms around you! I wish that there was somebody...anybody there to hug you & comfort you. But, I'm not there in body. Yet you have to know that I, along with SO MANY others are with you in Spirit and in Love.
Hold Nina close to your heart. You TWO are meant to be together at this time and you need each other, now more than ever. Nina must be feeling as frightened and lost as you are. You both are in a place in your lives that is unfamiliar. So hold onto your Girl.
I am SO happy that you found an Angel at the airport. I just know that this final bit of your journey will be made easier because of you meeting her. I look forward to hearing all of the details of the trip home.
I hope I haven't sounded too "preachy". Not my intentions. I will be Praying for You, Sweet Friend! Please, keep in touch with me.
I Love You and Nina ~ Jo

Sharon said...

Hoping you are able to make it home soon. Sending prayers and thoughts your way for a safe trip home.

Nan and Dan said...

so hoping that this finds you on your way home!!
will be praying for you all night :)

Kelly said...

Not sleeping well here, will wake up and pray!!! hopefully you and Nina will be home next time i check. XOXOX,