Saturday, December 19, 2009

And we have poop!

Yes, what you read has really happened, and I cheered and did a happy dance for Nina. She has been with me now for 6 days, and yesterday, finally, for the first time, she pooped! I knew she had to, and I knew that she was a little miserable, but like most women she just did not feel comfortable at a different place and she couldn't go. She wanted to, but she couldn't. And if you are smiling shaking your head is because it has happened to you too!

It is the reality of adjusting to a new life and that she is still not completely comfortable with me, we are still just getting to know each other. So now that she knows that it is okay to go, hopefully she will be okay with it.

She is still not eating much. Just juice and cheerios and unfortunately we are out of bananas. I do hope to get some soon! That is all she wants to eat, and well, I am okay with that, it will at least keep her fed and she should not get sick on the way home.

It is snowing here in Kyiv and it is cold. The coldest and snowiest it has been for many years. They don't know what to do and they don't have the equipment to keep the roads and streets clear. It is making a lot of things stop and supposedly that is part of why we don't have our tax code yet. But, I do know that it is causing a lot of problems in Ukraine. No, it is no snow like in the Midwest, but still, there is lots of snow and it really is cold!

Nina is no longer screaming when I put her to bed, not crying either, but she just lays awake for a long time, last night it was 2 hours and 20 minutes. She does feel for me at night to make sure I am there and every morning she gets up and checks to make sure I am there. She then asks to play with the cell phone, then the alarm clock, then she lays next to me for some kisses. And she smiles. Then it is time to get up and get some breakfast. Tea and cheerios. This while watching Baby Signing Time and...she can even say it!

She tries to imitate a lot of things that I say and she talks a lot. Funny, Andy and I wondered if she talked at all, but she really does. She has a few words and they sound so cute with her Russian accent. She is doing better at paying attention and playing with me, but she still gets overstimulated and starts throwing things and gets out of control, which is my cue to let her be and give her some space. Her naughty is her way of telling me that she has had enough (I think) Unfortunately she can only give me so much time without getting to that point, so at times I just talk to her while she plays on her own, that seems to work well.

And, here is another video of Nina, she was again turning the lights on, but she was talking more to me and interacting a little bit. I was bummed I turned the camera off right before she said "Baby Signing Time" for the first time! She calls it music too, because she just loves to listen to the music, I have tried other music or one of the other Signing Time DVDs, but no, she only likes the one. She is learning words watching it and listening to it. More than the signs, she is learning the words.

As for prayer request, tomorrow we are hoping to get the tax code, so it will be a hard day as I wait for the phone call or call myself. If it comes in the morning we can apply for the passport, and possibly give us a chance to come home on Christmas day. If it comes in the afternoon, we will not be home until the following week (because the embassy closes for Christmas Holidays)

And why is it a hard day? Because you hope, you hope and pray so much that you will get good news, and when it doesn't come, you hit bottom, and it is very hard to accept. I know that this is precious time with Nina, but please understand that this is hard, and sometimes it is just nice to hear people say, "It sucks." Last week this happened every day, as every day we were told tomorrow. It is a fragile place to be emotionally. But you can pray for strength and encouragement.

I am thankful that you have followed our journey, it does mean so much. We feel like you have wanted to take a part in the journey too, and somehow we don't feel alone. We are so thankful for you, and we thank God for showing us His love through you too.


Shea said...

Yes, it sucks! Being away from home without your family and being homesick stinks! I have thought of you all evening and hoped and prayers and said psalm 23 and thought of you. I so hope you come home on Christmas day!

mt_ott04 said...

Praying you will be on Christmas Day, sometimes life does suck and with God's help you get throught it. Thinking of you often

Maria E Armendariz said...

Me han dicho que el sistema en Ucrania-Rusia es similar a Mexico. Si no les das mordida, no hay acion. Quiza si pudedes dar un poco de dinero te la tienen lista para manana, preguntale a tu facilitador. En Mexico asi es, y una persona de Ucrania me dijo lo mismo, asi que quiza ellos esperan que si tienes prisa, des algo de dinero. Quiza, y aprobaste?

It sucks!! And Ilove you

Marnie K said...

Ellen, I think about you and Nina every day. Just remember that years from now this period will seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. Hang in there and know that I admire your courage and determination. You are an incredible woman and mother!

Lots of love!

Jo's Corner said...

Oh Ellen, my heart is sad that you are in a far away place, where it's difficult to communicate and when your emotionally fragile. I'm sure you have shed a few tears and that you long for the arms of your husband and your other children. And, to have all of this happen during Christmas, must make it even harder to bear. Are you able to spend time on your computer? Have you tried doing the Skype thing with your family? None of that can make up for the real thing, buy hopefully it can help some.
I suppose it's really tough being in a small apt. with a little girl who must be going stir crazy! She must be feeling a bit overwhelmed herself, with the changes in her life. Different foods, different clothes, different bed and a new Mommy, too! I can only imagine how frustrating it is for both of you when it comes to communicating...or should I say NOT being able to communicate? : )
Are you able to find any Russian websites for children? I was wondering if they have play-doh there? (Or would she try to eat it???) Or finger paints? Heck! I wish I was there to just sit and have tea and chat about life with you! And, help you keep your girl entertained!
I will be alone for Christmas this year. The first time in my life! And, I'll be honest, it's breaking my heart. The sadness is overwhelming at times. I spend a lot of time just crying. And, what makes it really hard, is that I have a sister (with a large family), who lives less than 1/2 mile from me and has not invited me to be with them for Christmas. I'm starting to feel the ramifications of my choices to never get married or have children of my own! I know that my life has lead by Him and that those things just never happened for me (and I wouldn't change them), but I never thought about the time that would come when I would be alone.
Well, my Friend, there's something to wrap your mind around! :D
I apologize if this VERY LONG "comment" makes you feel worse than you are already feeling! Just know that someone, a Sister in COLD, SNOWY MINNESOTA, is with You in Spirit (and if I could, I'd give You a warm HUG) thinking about You and Sweet Nina and saying LOTS of Prayers for Peace and Comfort for both of you!! I'll be back to check on you soon. Hopefully, you are snuggled up with a little girl...NOT an orphan...and that you both are having Sweet Dreams! (It's 2:29 PM here, so I'm thinking it must be around 2:29 AM there) I hope you awake with a new sense of Joy and that this new day will be filled with much Love and Wonder!
Love You, My Friend! Jo
P.S. YAY, for POOP! :D