Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rummage and Bake Sale Fundraiser

Yesterday we had our Rummage and Bake sale fundraiser. It went amazing!

But let me back up a little bit. Two weeks ago I was trying to figure out if we could do a rummage sale and had posted about it on facebook. After asking Andy if we could use the youth building for this, he let me know that there were no days available. I then posted on facebook that the rummage sale would not be possible.

However, my friend Dora got to thinking and called a friend who owns a building where they hold auctions and asked if we could use it for our sale. Not only did he agree, but he also said we could use it for free! The sale was on!!!

My friend Dora then suggested we also throw in a bake sale, after all, we only have so much time to raise money! So we went ahead and planned on that too!

So many people contacted us to let us know that they wanted to help. Our cousin even got crafty and sent us some pretty sweet scarves that we could sell. The news spread and many people from our community and others close to us were donating items and even time!

Our local newspaper also went the extra mile, and when I called wanting to place an add for the sale I got to share our story with the editor. Well, not only did he place an add, he ran a short story about our family and what the fundraiser was for.

Thursday we got the place ready to be set up. On Friday we spent all day (literally all day!) setting up for the sale! Amy, Kris, Darla, Dora, Gretchen and Jody helped me set up and let me tell you, we worked hard! Steve helped Andy pick up donations while Jenny watched our girls.
I cannot even name all the people that showed up to bring baked good or all the people that showed up to drop off their donations! Some of these people we did not even know, but they had heard about what we were doing and why, and they just wanted to help. Humbling, very humbling!

Yesterday was the sale day, lots of people came and they brought along their generosity. We feel so blessed. My friend Brigitte came to help us too with her many baked goods. She just adopted a little boy with Down syndrome from the same country as Nina. We have not really known each other very long, but what a dear friend she has become to me. Also, my friend Amy who I also met through our on-line boards for parents of children with Down syndrome showed up and we finally got to meet!

At the end of the day, our friends (their family) showed up to help us clean up. That was a lot easier to do! LOL

We came home exhausted, but feeling so loved, so encouraged. We really are blessed. Our rummage and bake sale was a success! All that hard work was definitely worth it!

Thank you, thank you so much for all of you who helped, all of you who made this happen. there is no way we could have ever pulled this off on our own! Thank you!

And once more, God shows us His overflowing of love through other people. We are humbled, we are grateful, and we are praising God for who He is.


Anonymous said...

How are the funds coming along? Do you need more?

Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

Yes, we still need more, so we have another chipin :)