Saturday, November 14, 2009

The last leg of the race begins

It is late, very late, we are excited, and we are ready.

Tomorrow (later today) we are flying out! I have to admit I hate flying, but I cannot wait to go see Nina and bring her home.

Please pray for us as we travel today. For most of you, we will be traveling all day Sunday and on Monday when you wake up we will hopefully be there!

Please pray for a safe and uneventful travel.

Please pray for health for us and for our girls.

We have missionary friends that will help us get settled as soon as we get there. They will take us grocery shopping and show us our neighborhood. God continues to provide for us. We are so thankful for these friends.

I will update as soon as we get there!


Cathy said...

You know I’m praying all the way from Australia. It’s adding to my confusion as to when you are actually travelling lol but that is fine I’m praying all the same, it’s Sunday night for me.
Praying for your travel, praying for your girls and just praying…
Love you guys cant wait to you have Nina in your arms.
Love and hugs.

vlraab said...

I caught your excitement early on and have/do prayed/pray for you all faithfully. I, too, do not particularly like flying but know that God has had me praying for every step with heartfelt emotions. Love you guys and cannot wait to hear what God is doing. Vicki

Leah said...

Prayers from us as well! I can't wait to see pictures of you meeting your girl!

Stacy said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you right now!!

Zack, Jenn and William said...

I've been praying! Hopefully you guys have arrived safely!!

Gayle said...

The kids are off to school and you are on my hearts. Know the Opps are praying for you!! Also, enjoy this time, Stumbos. I know your hearts are in two different places right now--that is tough. Take in this experience as a once in a lifetime (for now anyways) journey and savor your moments--the moments with Nina, the moments as a couple, the quiet you will have these first days. You know that the Lord never slumbers and His eye is on Ellie and Nichole here and also on you!
Much, much love!