Monday, November 23, 2009

Call to Prayer

It is 11:30 for us on Monday morning, I know most of you are sleeping.

We have received news today that the quarantine in the orphanage has been extended until Thursday and they still don't know if this will affect our referral.

To say that we are discouraged is an understatement. We have been waiting since our original SDA appointment last Wednesday for this referral. An appointment that lasted 10 minutes. Nothing has happened since then.

They say there is a possibility for us to get it today, if not, we will not get it until Thursday or Friday.

If you read this on Monday morning, PRAY, please pray that we hear good news at 3:00 pm (your 7:00 am)

We need this referral!

Lord, we are in the palm of your hands, all things are in your hands. Please, grant us the referral.


Leah said...

Lord, please open the doors! All things are possible in you Lord. You've placed this child in the hearts of Ellen and Andy, and they've obediently followed you 1/2 way around the world. Lord I ask that you open the doors and release the children who need released! Let the officials see it's in this child's best interest to not only get the referral, but to waive the 10 day waiting period! If they release the children this will keep the visitors out of the home AND allow them to be with their families, getting them out of the country and the epidemic expediently!

Shea said...

I just said a prayer!!