Friday, November 27, 2009

Today's Visit

Today we were able to go see Nina again. We saw her in a different room, I think this is where they play most of the time. She was shy again when she saw us, but recognized us right away as her "mama" and "papa."
She smelled pretty bad. Dirty and urine all mixed together. She was hesitant when they handed her to me, she looked at me and shoke her head "no." while pushing me away. We sat her at a little chair and she kept saying "no." Finally we pulled out some toys and she liked that.
We had our visit with our friend and his daughter, so I think that helped too. We had the girls sitting at a table and all was well as they both looked at each other's special toys from their parents. It was cute, Kellsey especially wanted to check out what Nina had making sure it wasn't hers. Nina then would kind of pull it away. Pretty typical kids!
Some lady thought she should stop by and check on us (we were meeting with NIna lone for the first time) Not a good idea! Nina wanted that lady and almost lost it. She grabbed me and was pulling up, she wanted to get down!
I picked her up but held her, she was not so convinced about it, so I sat on a table and finally she calmed down when Andy gave her our picture album. I think it helped that the lady finally walked out of the room.
She really did not want me to put her down anymore.
Another lady come back to check on us (sigh) Nina wanted to get down, it was good though because she held on to my hands and tried to walk. She does okay, her legs really are terrible, and she needs help walking, but it is amazing how well she can move.
We closed the door and Andy tried to hold her. She would not sit on his lap, she would cling to me. A reminder that as much as she likes him to play with, she has never ever had a man in her life. Kids here are scared of men.
(A little girl walked in the room, saw Andy and Frank and terror covered her face, she lost it, poor thing)
It was tough, it is such a small room and even with our toys we can only entertain for so long.
When we said goodbye she let us kiss her (okay, I kissed her a lot!) She kissed e back, but would not kiss Andy. She does find his beard pretty interesting.
She did tell everyone we are her mama and papa.
However, as soon as she saw her favorite caregiver, she wanted her and she was done with us. So we left. I came home and had to change my clothes, they smelled like urine. The orphanage here really cares for these kids, I know it is not neglect, but the reality that there are too many kids here, and not enough workers. I wish there was something else we could do. They do love Nina, there is no question about that, they love her!
Okay, I hope this does not sound negative, we really did enjoy our visit with her so much! We just cannot wait to have her with us all the time!


Leah said...

Oh, how I love her laugh!!!! Right from the belly. She is a doll. She is just going to blossom in your house!

Alicia said...

sigh, esta hermosa! realmente se parece mucho a Andy!

Hey Ellen, i've been meaning to ask about Anya (ds) im her prayer warrior, i know she is sick often, and the other day i dreamed that she was very sick... ugh i woke up really worried.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

SO cute!!! I love her laugh too!!! :)

Kent said...

Your clips were very cute.Nina is very cute.I love how she laughs.It is very cute.Hope you are having a good time.Brooklyn is missing Ellie.We are praying for you.We miss you guys very much.Love Carlee

We R RrellY missing you ellie at school. fom. brooklyn
Love seeing the pictures! Can't wait to meet her-you guys are really amazing parents, not to take praise away from God at all-praise God for how he is leading you through this. love, jamie

Amy said...

Ohhh this is so touching to allow us access to these first days of bonding...she is so precious! I LOVE the laugh! We are excited that you're moving along with the process and not delayed by the quarantine any longer. Praying for God's fingerprints to continue to be all over you and Nina and the beginning of your lives together.