Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SDA Appointment

We just got back from our SDA appointment, the entire thing did not last more than one hour, and that is including our travel time!

We walked into a an office and met with a lady that had all our documentation in front of her. She asked for our passports and they just laid there on the table, she never looked at them. She then asked why we wanted to adopt Nina, so we told her.

She read us her file, and the medical file, the medical file was prepared by the orphanage doctor, the same doctor we saw yesterday. What she told us is different from what the lady was reading from the file. It is making us wonder if the orphanage is trying to keep information from us, afraid that we will not want Nina. If only they could understand that we are not going to change our minds, but it just does not feel right that we are being told different things.

What they said to us today is that Nina might also have a heart condition, and that she has developmental delays. Well, she is in an orphanage, of course we know there will be delays. The little we saw her yesterday was enough for us to see that she is delayed. They also said today that she has adenoid issues. So, what the doctor wrote is different that what she said yesterday. Sigh, it is a little frustrating. Andy does not care, the reality is that once we get her home we will have her seen by many doctors and specialists.

We did get her baby picture and maybe one from when she was two? We traded pictures, we got those and we gave them one that we had.

I think her arms and hands might be affected too. She can use them well, but I am wondering about that.

Also, we had put in our request for 2 children. Not really planning on 2 kids, but just in case. The orphanage does not want us to look at any other kids, they want us to just have Nina because they want her to have all the attention. So they definitely want her with a family. I wonder if they are afraid that we would change our minds if we knew of all the issues she would have. I suppose they see that often, people coming and not wanting her. But we do!

We did not get the referral. At this point they are saying not until Monday. Our facilitator was going to ask on Friday and see if they would give it to us.

Prayer requests
-for the referral
-My throat is sore and I have a cough, please pray I get better soon!


Amy said...

Praying God's hand is on you today and through the coming weeks. We serve an awesome God!!

Karien Prinlsoo said...

What a nice and detailed update! Paying for everything to fall into place in God's order and according to HIS WILL!
For your cold- gargle with warm salt water-as often as you can.
Do you have Vitamin C? It always helps to up the dose!
If you have some sort of saline spray- for your nose.
The wonderful thing about knowing GOD- is to know when He has spoken in our hearts. I know, no matter what and no matter how affected Ellie is, You know she is your daughter, because your Father in Heaven has told you so already...and He knows what you can deal with
I pray that you will find Favor everywhere you go and may God give you every place that you set your feet on!Josh 1:3
Psalm 5: 11-12
Blessings and prayers from South Africa

Zack, Jenn and William said...

Glad the appointment is behind you. Hopefully they'll go ahead and give you the referral on Friday so you can really get things going on Monday.

Prayers for the referral and for your health!