Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today we got to go to church, it was in English!!! It was great to worship.

Other observations we have made.

-Everyone smokes. I think we heard a statistic that 95% of people here smoke. So far we agree. It is crazy to see young teenagers smoking at a restaurant. Actually, restaurant menud have a cigarette section.

-Women here wear high heel boots everyday! Crazy since their streets are cobble stone.

-Men do not have facial hair. Well, let's say Andy sticks out in the crowd with his beard and tan coat.

-Lots of drinking. Vodka is cheaper than water, so...

-Water here is different, so after washing clothes, they are like cardboard. We finally bought more softener, I might have put a little bit more. Same with my hair. Oh well, I am sure here they know what products to buy for clothes and hair :)

-There are no dryers, only washers. Everyone hangs their clothes, and thankfully, we can dry ours on the heaters.

As for Nina observations

-Her legs are pretty stiff, but she can somehow pull herself up to a stand and move along furniture. This gives us hope that a good walker and physical therapy will really help.

-She can crawl some, but instead of moving her legs one at a time, she drags both of them. She actually kneels and walks on her knees.

-She can definitely get around.

-Her feet do not touch flat on the ground, her legs are bent, and one of her legs is kind of "in." Again, surgery will really help!

-She thinks being told "no" is funny and she should do it again!

-She loves to figure out how things work, and how things fit together. We got her crayons and a coloring book. Her sisters color all day, but Nina, oh no, she wants to get the crayons out of the box, and put them back in perfectly in a row :)

-She loves bubbles, and she is getting the idea of play-doh because we have a little toy where you put play-doh in and push a lever to make it come out (how things work!)

We will hopefully go see her tomorrow, so if we do, I will post more pictures and most likely another video :)


Anonymous said...

Ellen and Andy, I wanted you to know that your girls are here with us now. They went right to bed (after 3 books and a prayer). They are both such a joy to have. We have hugged them lots today. We fed them lots of choc. chip cookies for bed time snack :) We continue to pray often for you. Chanda

Leah said...

Just think, you're going to be home with your daughter before you know it! It sounds like she's doing quite well. It will be amazing to watch her progress once she gets HOME and is surrounded by the love of a family!

Pure Mommy Extract said...

We have learned that the smoking thing is not all of Ukraine. At least, in our region we haven't seen much smoking...just a little more than at home. It seems they do it outside too, haven't seen smoking indoors yet. Our apartment thankfully doesn't smell like smoke here, which is wonderful! So happy for your court date today!!!