Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 Days Away...and I'm Wondering

I wonder...when it was 10 days before I met God and He adopted me, was HE this excited?

I wonder if His stomach did flips and He got tears in His eyes when He thought about holding me for the first time.

I wonder if His heart ached when He thought about my life without Him as my Daddy.

I wonder if it grieved Him to know that I was living as an orphan and had no hope of a future without Him.

I wonder if He was as okay with paying my ransom as I am with paying Nina's.

I wonder if, for Him, there was no cost too high, no sacrifice too great.

I wonder...

(Poem by Chris & Mary Malone and used by Reece's Rainbow families around the country.)

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Michele said...

What a beautiful reflection, and something for all of us to meditate on. Thank you! And congratulations on things moving ahead.
Michele, here in Khmelnitsky adopting Maria