Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not much to do

The last couple of days we have had nothing to do. Due to the quarantine we cannot go visit Nina and we cannot move forward in the process. We are hoping that we get our referral on Monday because that will allow things to start moving and there would be a possibility of having court on Thursday or Friday (this would be when Nina would officially become ours).

After court, the 10 day waiting period begins where someone could appeal the court's decision. In our case, we know Nina has no family, so it will be 10 days where we cannot do anything official or have her with us, but, we can go visit her everyday.

Yesterday our facilitator had said that maybe they would extend the quarantine until Wednesday! You can imagine how discouraging the news was, however, I do not believe ths will be the case as school and other activities will start again on Monday.

We have done sight seeing and lots of walking. Our friends were here adopting (from the same orphanage) and now we have been hanging out with Frank, who has been here now for 3 weeks and knows his way around pretty well. Andy is also quickly catching on when it comes to directions, me on the other hand....

So that is all so far. Tomorrow we will try to go to an internet cafe at some point and I will try to upload some pictures. Unfortunately our internet connection here is not very good and I loose connection when I try to get photos up.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask, and I will try to answer those. We have plenty of time for that!

Prayer requests
-that we receive the referral on Monday
-that we can be given a court date soon (Thursday or Friday)


Marcia said...

Thanks for keeping us updated so we know what's going on and how to pray. What an adventure! And a lot of waiting. Sorry about that. I can't wait to see all your pictures!

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Wow! So court might be way faster for you too? This is giving me hope you know =). That seems even faster than Renee and Frank though. Is that because you have been able to see her even though you haven't had your referral?