Monday, November 30, 2009

Great Monday

Today we got to see Nina again! It was wonderful!

It started with all three of us (Andy, myself, and Frank) waiting for our girls in the doctor's office, it took them a while to bring the girls to us. Kellsey walked in the room looking for her papa, knowing exactly who she was going to go see. A worker walked in carrying Nina and had her stand there. She looked unsure, but smiled at us right away. I came over to her and picked her up, she let me, right away. I then gave her a few kisses.

I took her back to the couch where Andy was, we tried to get her to sit on the couch, we are discovering what she can and cannot do physically due to her CP. She cannot sit normal, but she could sit at the edge of the couch, and Andy handed her a piece of candy, she loved that!

Andy handed her a Matrushca (those dolls that you open and there is another one inside, and another one inside, etc). Nina loved it! We would get her to shake it, and eventually when we would say "shake" she would start shaking it too, along with smiles and laughs. We played and then we realized that Nina wanted to look at herself in the mirror. Andy took this as an opportunity to hold her (we had tried before, she would not let him) Andy would pick her up to the mirror and put her down again, over and over. Nina loved it. The reality is, she has never had a daddy throw her around, she has never had a daddy to swing her, has never had a daddy to love her. It was so sweet!

We then played some more, and Nina remembered to sign "more." We were impressed! Not only that, she said it! She said "more" while she signed it! She is one smart little girl. Her first English word is "more."

Nina is really fascinated by Andy's beard, so she was shy to touch it, but if I would, then she would too. So we asked her, "does it tickle?" and what does she do? She touches Andy's beard and starts moving her fingers tickling, while she says, "tickle, tickle, tickle." Andy and I just laughed! Her second English word..."tickle." So we had to play a chasing and tickling game. Daddy would get us, we would then get daddy. And all along Nina said "more" and "tickle" (Okay, a few times, but still!)

She looked at some of our family pictures, and a few times she points at Ellie's picture and says "Nina." She can even tell the family resemblance! And once Nina's hair is long, I am sure they will look even more alike!

Nina talked to us more this time, not just whispers but ventured to say more. So we are definitely getting to know each other! For now, she loves to be tickled!

When the doctor came in, Nina wanted to go with her. It is okay, I think we are definitely bonding, and she is definitely stealing our hearts!

We still do not have internet access in our apartment. Tomorrow I will try to upload some pictures from today and a video of Nina tickling Andy, it is way too sweet!

Our girls are with our cousins. Keep them in your prayers as they have a new adjustment to make. Ellie was really excited though, she knows she will get to do a few fun crafts with Cassia and Raessa.


Molly said...

This is so great! I cannot wait to see the photos and whatnot. Glad to hear things are picking up nicely after a somewhat rough start.

Marnie K said...

Ellen, each or your updates is more touching than the last. I am so happy for you guys! I can't wait to meet Nina!

Nan and Dan said...

so happy to hear things are going well.
can't wait to see the videos.

Sara said...

We are so excited for you!!! I of course love to hear about how her speech and ability to use sign language are progressing! It certainly sounds like you are making progress. I can't wait until you get home and we can meet her. Love, Sara