Friday, November 6, 2009

We know more about her!

My friend Renee is adopting a little girl from the same orphanage as Nina. She is there right now and of course I begged her to get me some pictures and gave her a list of questions!

She got to see Nina today and sent us some pictures! We also know more about her now.
So far it appears like Nina's hands have not been affected by her CP. She also does not require tube feedings and is able to eat table food. She can talk and she likes dresses (just like her big sister Ellie!)

From pictures we can see that her legs are affected. She can only stand with support and when standing her feet do not "come down" and touch the ground. (Almost as if she was standing on her toes). I also don't think that regular shoes will fit her. I would say her legs look to be bent as well even when she is standing. All of these things we expected as are common with Cerebral Palsy.

By looking at her pictures we are guessing that it will be a while until she can walk on her own. She might always need special equipment like a walker or crutches. However, who knows what will happen when she starts receiving PT and when there are surgeries available to help her.


Rachel said...

What a precious little girl!!! I love the pigtails! Congratulations! I pray you get to bring her home soon!

Bethany said...

How exciting that Renee was able to get this for you!

Marcia said...

The new pics are very sweet. I'm so glad you could get some more information too. I can't believe you guys are going over there SO SOON!

Cathy said...

She beautiful, I was hoping Renee would have a chance to take some pics.
Yeah Renee!
My friends little boy has botox to help his muscles. Your not long away now, I cant wait.

Tami said...

That is one beautiful little girl! Have you received a new appointment date? God willing, we will submit in February! (we are adopting Russell) I am so excited for all of these kids coming home!