Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We met her!

Today we actually got to go meet Nina. It was a last minute thing and we are pretty sure we were not supposed to due to the quarantine. We are here with another family, (they took pictures for us before) so we got to go with Frank to the orphanage. As we walked into a little office a little girl came running in really excited! It was actually their daughter Kellsey, she came looking for her daddy and was such a fun little girl.

It took us a while to figure out that the worker that ran in after Kellsey was holding Nina, but there she was, with her worker!

Our poor girl, they gave her another haircut...we will definitely grow out her hair.

She is SHY, not just a little shy, but really really shy. She would not make eye contact with us for a while. Eventually she would kind of look at us from the side and smile, so that was good. A few times she did look at me while she was looking at a book and I would sign "duck" to her (there was a picture of a duck in the book)

I think she definitely will need glasses. A few times she looked to be cross eyed, and almost like she could not focus well on things (or maybe she was being shy.)

Her legs are definitely affected by her CP. Even though she does have use of her hands, we do wonder if they are affected some. We will not know until we get back and she sees a doctor. They said she can talk, but we did not hear her say much. At one point I took a picture of her and showed it to her, and she did call herself Nina while pointing at the picture. She then wanted to push buttons in my camera, so she was not being so shy.

We showed her pictures of her sisters, and I am not sure what the worker was calling the girls, maybe "sister"? maybe "girl"?

They did say that Nina told them this morning that she had a dream, and that her dream was about her mom :) That is sweet!

We know more about her. She was born premature which caused her CP. She was born at 27 weeks and was in the NICU for 3 months. Mom left her at birth. She has no family that they know off, and nobody comes to visit her. Sometimes kids do have family members come once in a while, but she does not.

They said all wonderful things about Nina. We are not sure about what they say, we think they might be trying to give us the best scenario so we adopt her. Maybe they don't realize that we want her regardless of her abilities. Even when we left the doctor said that now that we had seen her, we could think about weather we wanted her or not. Well, we do! We did not come all the way here to change our minds!

Our first appointment is tomorrow. This is our official SDA. They usually give the referrals that same day, but because of the quarantine, we are not sure they will until Monday.

Prayer requests:
-That we do get her referral ASAP (they could I suppose give it to us tomorrow, once we have that we can officially continue to move forward in the adoption process)
-That our internet works (we are sitting in an office)
-Health! I am getting a cold.



Zack, Jenn and William said...

So glad you got to meet her already! She sounds like a great girl :) Praying that all goes well at the SDA and that you will quickly get her referral.

Rachel said...

I will be praying

Alicia said...

glad that you are there, that you are safe, with someone to help and that you have seen Nina!
hoping and praying for all your requests

Randy Heitz said...

So cool! It's hard to believe such a short time ago you were here...now you are there! God blesses those who wait on Him! Give Nina a hug for us!

Amiah said...

What a moment...to meet Nina for the first time! Praise God! We are super excited for you and praying for your health and all your requests. the Sauke Family