Tuesday, November 24, 2009


1. Speaking Russian would really come in handy.

I have never been to a country where I just cannot communicate. Even in France I could understand most of what people were saying, here, not so much.
Last night we had dinner with 2 other Reece's Rainbow families. We got back after 10:00 pm and the lights in the apartment were all out, we had never been out that late, so we just assumed maybe they had a "lights out" thing. The lady that works security came after us and tried to talk to us. It is pitch black, we don't understand! So she laughs, grabs my arms and drags me out of the apartment, takes us to a staircase that is also pitch black. We cannot find any lights, so we use our cell phone to find our floor, then we get it, the power is out! No wonder the lady had a good laugh! At least we discovered we can get to our apartment other than an elevator! Power came back on as soon as we walked in.

2. Sidewalks are also street AND parking lots.
Well, this is self explanatory. And you better move out of the way when the car is driving behind you on the side walk and it is honking at you. Oh, and they actually have lines on the sidewalk for parking spaces.

3. People here prefer dark colors.
It is rare to see someone wearing bright colors. Occasionally we will see a woman wearing a red coat, and once, a bright orange one! But mainly, people here wear black or dark colors.

4. Fur is in.
Many coats have fur, even some men's coats. They look warm! And, if you are wondering, no, the midwest is colder than here.

5. It is okay to push people out of the way if you ar ein a hurry. Really, it is not rude, it is an every day happening.

6. Restaurants are places to hang out, once you walk in, you can be there and stay for as long as you want. We love it! There is no rush, no need to hurry. But, if you need anything, you have to find your server and ask! Not such a things a free refill here, you pay for it! And the glasses are not as large.

7. People here only have one child, maybe two. They are very protective of their children and they try to get the best for them in clothing, toys, etc. We have only seen one lady with two kids, mostly, it is really just one.

8. No, we have not seen anyone with any sort of a disability, child or adult. So, I wonder what it will be like being out an about with Nina, we will smile and wave (well, I will, she is too shy!)

9. Their alphabet is different! It is called "Cerilic"??? Anyway, we cannot even read signs. Andy can figure things out because he took Greek and I think it is similar, but me, I am lost!

Lastly, thank you for all the encouraging words and your prayers, it means so much to us.


Special Ks Daddy said...

Don't forget the awesome tour guide you have! He He just kidding :)

Karien Prinlsoo said...

Our church interact with a church in Kiev. If you feel the need to connect with local Christians, let me know. At least you will speak the same Spiritual Language.