Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look at her!

We have a few other pictures of our girl besides the picture from her button. Isn't she beautiful? We just cannot wait to meet her, just three more weeks!
I know many of you are praying for her, so I thought I would share her pictures.


Candi said...

What lovely photos! I have been following your adoption through Reese's Rainbow and would appreciate being added to the list once it goes private. My email is We also have a child with special needs (CHARGE syndrome) and are considering adoption.

Thanks! And good luck with your incredible journey!

Marnie K said...

This is great Ellen! I was wondering if you had any other pictures or her or not. I suppose the anticipation of "what will she look like" is pretty similar to giving birth to your own baby, you can get a general idea but don't really know till you meet them face to face.

Cathy said...

She's so pretty. cant wait to see her in your arms

JennyH said...

I came from Renee's blog. Your Nina is so pretty!! Glad Renee chose not to 'take' her instead! HA!

Praying your adoption (and everything that goes with it) goes very smooth.

cremcd said...

Oh, Ellen, she's beautiful!!! ~Courtney