Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Hope or Future

There are countries in Eastern Europe where children with special needs are transferred from orphanages to institutions when the reach the age of 4. This is also the case for Nina's country. The fact that she is already 3 1/2 constantly reminds me of what her future would have been like in a few short months if we were not coming to get her.

We know that in this journey some people might think that we rushed to a decision, that we should have waited to have the money before committing to adopt a child. After you watch this video, you will understand, we cannot wait, we had to act. Money is such an insignificant part of the equation when it comes to saving a child. Yes, I won't lie, it is the most stressful part, but we have no reservations of taking a loan regardless of interest.

I hope after you watch this video your hearts are touched. Reeces Rainbow seeks to save as many of these children as possible. You can donate towards this children, or allow the reality of their fates to move you into action.

If your kids are with you at the computer, do not let them watch this, it is very real. But I believe people need to know, the world needs to know. We can do something about this!

The good news is that this institution has now had some help after being in the spotlight, so change can happen. Yet, many children still face places similar to these.

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