Friday, September 11, 2009

I want her home...

Today Andy spent some time researching Eastern Europe and their orphanages. The more we learn, the more we want to bring Nina home.

My heart breaks for all the orphans, but right now, my heart aches to hold Nina close.

I want to embrace and protect her from the world, I want her to know that she has a mommy and daddy that deeply love her and will do whatever it takes to bring her home.

I want her to know that she is special, and that her life has great meaning and great value. I want her to know that she belongs to God, that she is a daughter of the King.

I want her home.


Cathy said...

That would be hard to look up information about the orphanages over there. The little boy we are praying for to find a family is in a very poor orphanage, it scares me that he may not find a family. Everyday he is there I worry more and more for him.

I hope it’s not too much longer before you are able to hold your sweet girl close to your heart

Michele said...

What a sweet post. I feel the same way about wanting to bring these children home! You are almost there! Praying for you, that everything would come together at just the perfect time!
Michele, Adopting Morgan

Anonymous said...

nina or Lily (reece,s rainbow)