Sunday, September 6, 2009

Caribbean Dinner Party-Adoption Fundraiser

Last night, Andy and I attended a fundraiser for Nina's adoption. It was wonderful to see close friends, family, and even meet new people that were there to support us!

One of the greatest enemies of adoption is money. Many people wish they could adopt, but finances hold them back. No matter how you look at it, adoption is expensive! Where in the world will money come from?

When we decided to adopt Nina, we knew that God would have to provide, because we definitely do not have the money! We knew in our hearts that God was calling us to adopt, so we stepped out in obedience and trusting completely. We were and are prepared to get a bank loan so that we can bring Nina home. After all, how much is a life worth?

As soon as we committed to adopt Nina, God smiled and began to work, showing us that He indeed does provide, and that along the way, He would bless us and cover us with love...through other people.

My friend Marian asked if her and her husband could do a fundraiser for us...a Caribbean Dinner Party. She took care of it all, invited people, made a delicious meal, and had wonderful entertainment. All Andy and I had to do was show up.

Andy and I got to share our journey and our hearts, towards adoption and towards children with special needs. This was a very meaningful time for us, as we felt that just sharing our story, is part of our obedience to God. It was sweet to be able to tell people about where God has been taking us in the last few years.

Being a holiday weekend, not very many people were able to attend, however, their hearts of love and support towards our family were big, and we know that God continues to open the doors for us and continues to provide. Marian shared with me this morning that she had set a goal based on 60 people, and only 30 were able to come. Her goal was not only reached, it went above and beyond!

All the praise goes to God! He is walking with us every step of the way. I sometimes question if we will ever be able to make it, yet, He is God, and everything belongs to too. So He chooses to provide for us through other people...because He knows that along the way, many will be touched, many hearts will be open, maybe to Him, maybe towards adoption, or maybe towards people with special needs. We just trust and obey, and He takes care of the rest.

Thank you Lord!

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