Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Journey Home: Reunited

As soon as we landed I tried to call Andy but I was getting his voice mail right away. I called my sister and told her we were home, my voice cracking with emotion.
Nina was sleeping and I decided I would just cover her with my winter coat, I did not want to wake her up getting her own winter gear on. I carefully laid her down in the wheelchair and she was able to sleep as we raced through the halls.
As we approached entered the elevator that would take us to the baggage claim, more tears made their way down my cheeks. I would see my family soon.
As we walked out the sliding doors I frantically started searching for Andy and my family. I saw him standing across the baggage claim carousel with my friend Leah, both of them trying to find me.
I did not care if I made a scene, I yelled, "Honey!" "Andy!" He turned and saw me waving like a fool. I looked over at the nice man pushing Nina and motioned for him to follow me. I ran. So did Ellie, straight into my arms!
"Mommy" she said in her sweet voice. "Why are you crying."
"Because I missed you so much sweetie!"
And we hugged some more.
Then I saw my husband, oh how I love him and how I missed him. We hugged and cried into each other's arms. Nichole slept on his chest.
After a while Ellie asked where Nina was. I told her she was in the wheelchair, underneath my coat. Ellie lifted it gently and looked at Nina.
"Oh She is so cute!" she said. "Oh Nina! You are real!"
Yes, Nina was real. She really had a sister. And in no time Ellie woke her up.
Andy's sister and her husband (Amy and Ben) were there too. And Ellie told Amy that Nina was really real.
My dad and sisters were there, and so was my mom and her friend.
We were finally together.
The long journey home had brought us there, to the airport. Such a magnitude of emotions rushing in. if only those watching knew what was taking place. But we knew, and that was all that mattered.
We are home!

And thanks to my friend Leah here are some pictures of our reunion.


Julie said...

Welcome home, Ellen! My eyes filled up myself as I looked at these pictures of your homecoming with Nina. God is so good, and what a journey you have been on. There is truly no place like home. I hope your girls are enjoying each other. :)

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Oh, I'm so very happy you are home! Thanks for sharing with photos!!!

Tami said...

I'm bawling like a baby over here! So glad you are both at home, where you belong!


Erin said...

What a beautiful reunion of a beautiful family! So happy you're home!

Kristen said...

Good thing that I am not wearing any would have been ruined! :) We are rejoicing that you are home!!! ♥

Melmac said...

Oh Ellen how good it must have felt to hold everyone again! I'm so glad you finally made it! Ellie is so precious! And I'm so glad Amy and Ben could be there too! God is so good. Welcome back my friend! Europe misses you although I am sure you are not missing us in the least right now! Love you friend!

mom2speak said...

I have been able to keep emotions in check watching and praying for your journey, but not when you told of Ellie's reaction. Now it pours down my face, too.

Amy L said...

Welcome Home! It's been a long trip for you but you brought home an angel!!:)

Anonymous said...

I'm crying with you... I have been crying for you and your family. You are soooo strong and a great example of sacrifice and faith to all of us!!

kari -karimomtofourgirls and Sadie's mom :)

Colleen Downey said...


Stacy said...

Praise God, what an amazing journey. Now enjoy all the fun bonding time you'll have as a family.

Chelsea said...

Loved seeing the pictures of your reunion. Welcome Home!!

Jo's Corner said...

LOVE the photos!! How sweet is Nina, when she said, "Oh Nina! You are real!" I cried, too! I look forward to hearing more about life with your 3 daughters! And, Andy looks so happy in the pictures! Thinking about you ALL!

Nan and Dan said...

LOVE the photos!!
so happy to finally see you home and everyone back together. :)